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Composing A Strong Compare And Contrast Essay On Life Of Pi

Some people call this book, and movie, a masterpiece because the plot isn’t written around the emotional roller coaster of love, hate, sadness and joy of contemporary Bollywood publications. Although the main stars and general cast were mostly made up of East Indians, which is similar to Slumdog Millionaire and other paperback or DVD releases, reputable critics outlined major differences between these two referenced movies and most other titles in the genre. Listed below are some helpful points geared toward creating a strong compare and contrast essay for Life of Pi.

  1. If the story was depicted solely through the experiences of the star in the present tense, would it be rated and accepted by the public any different?
  2. How did Pi’s life prior to the shipwreck differ from his childhood?
  3. If Pi’s family decided to travel to another country, would their plans succeed?
  4. Would the different personalities of the animals on the lifeboat with Pi have to change if the selection of animals changed?
  5. With evidence that tigers can attack and kill without the need to feed, discuss how the situations described in the movie prevented Richard Parker from assaulting the star.
  6. Provide an alternate method or suggestion that may not have led to the death of the injured zebra and the orangutan.
  7. Consider if the shipwreck happened on the Indian or Atlantic ocean instead of the Pacific, would his chances of being found by a search and rescue team increase?
  8. Give evidence incriminating or acquitting Pi’s behavior as having offended Richard Parker while being stranded with him.
  9. Did the tiger kill the blind, French castaway to protect Pi or was he just acting within his nature?
  10. Would Richard Parker have left the star on the islands made from algae if these islands were extensive enough? Compare with the ending where the tiger left almost immediately.
  11. Study the two accounts Pi gave the officials when asked for any information regarding the shipwreck and determine whether they have the same or a different message.
  12. Did Piscine change his name to Pi and promote its use with his witty second nature or had he to suppress great anger to exist in school without engaging in battle?
  13. Could Piscine have survived the duration and situations of the shipwreck without having a single animal with him?
  14. Discuss how different the star characters’ life could be if that storm never sank the ship.

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