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Key Elements Of Great Expository Essay Titles

Writing an expository essay requires the students to develop a clear and sound understanding of the subject. This is type of assignment in which students need to define and explain the subject under concern to the audience. The purpose of the assignment is to discuss a unique aspect of the subject and clarify it with the help of supporting evidence. It is important while writing such an assignment to choose a winning topic that will define the rest of your paper. The topic acts as a foundation for your assignment and helps you build the rest of the work around it. If you are not sure how to select a strong title for your expository paper, then you should keep these key features in your mind. These are important elements of a winning topic for an expository assignment

  1. Uniqueness and originality
  2. While writing the topic of your expository assignment, you should keep in mind that your paper should be unique and original. Try to find an aspect that is not common under the subject and address it in your paper.

  3. Engaging
  4. Your topic should be able to create interest and have an engaging tone. The audience decides whether to read your paper or not by looking at your title

  5. Clarity
  6. You should be very clear in your writing and show the purpose of the paper through the title

  7. Thesis
  8. Show your thesis or major stance in the assignment

  9. Arguments
  10. Think of the arguments and evidence for each and choose the one that seems the strongest

    • It might be tough to choose a title that has all of the above features. You need to go through a gradual process and perform careful analysis in order to choose a winning title. The best method is to divide the process into different phases and move forward with each step. You should start by developing an understanding of the subject and the title requirements. Once you are clear about what you need, go ahead and brainstorm for fresh ideas. Use group brainstorming or clustered thinking for more creative ideas. Keep a focus during this session so that you have directed results.
    • Once you have a list of possible topics after the brainstorming , you should go ahead and start reviewing them. Look for redundant ideas or irrelevant topics and delete them from the list to have a list of final chosen titles.


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