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Ronald Reagan

Ronal Reagan was born in Tampico in Illinois. His mother was a house wife while his father, Jack was nomadic salesman. Often, Ronald family shifted from one city to another as his father looked for a stable job. Ronald was thus raised in a very poor back ground. In spite of the problems that his family underwent, Ronald managed to accomplish high school in Dixon in Illinois and received a football scholarship to join Eureka College.

After successfully accomplishing his course at Eureka College, Ronald was offered a job in the Hollywood film industry whereby he starred in more than fifty films. Eventually, Ronald became the Screen Actors Guide President. As the Screen Actors Guide President, Ronald worked to eliminate all communists’ suspects from the Hollywood.

Ronald Reagan Achievements

In 1964, Ronald gave a speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater, a conservative presidential candidate by then which was televised nationally. In the speech, Ronald presented the nation with his principles of a perfect nation, upheld by his conventional values. The speech also outlined the need of a firm defense, tax reduction and the need for abolishment of communist problems in the Soviet Union. After the speech, various influential republicans urged Ronald to contest for California Governor. Daniel speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater emerged as one of his greatest success.

Ronald Reagan Presidency

Ronald became the fortieth president of America. His root to the White House was very unique. Following a successful careers as a Hollywood film actor, radio sports commentator and television presenter, Ronald entered into politics and in 1966, he was voted for the Californian Governor. After two unsuccessful contests for presidency, in 1980, Ronald defeated his counterpart Jimmy Carter for the United States presidency in general election.

Ronald took office when the public trust to the government was at its extreme low due to the Great Depression. Ronald was successful to restore public confidence which he referred to as his greatest success. Ronald was re-elected for his second term with a forty state difference. During his two terms as president, Ronald changed the politics of the country. In his campaign, Ronald promised to increase allocation budget for defense and reduce taxes through important arms control arrangements with the Soviet Union.

In spite of various setbacks, such as significant deficits in budget, in 1989, Ronald moved out of office with firm approval ratings. His presidency has been highly ranked among the American communities in elections which followed. Ronald died on 5th June, 2004.


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