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The Top 20 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

Have you ever been given an essay which you didn't know how to write as an assignment? You should definitely take a look at the following list in order to get ideas for your next middle school article.

Argumentative Essays

    Society & environment

    Writing about society issues may be interesting, as we have to learn how to live together with other people. In addition, it is very useful to encourage people about the importance of adopting ecological measurements so as to protect the environment.

  1. How to reduce crime in our city / country.
  2. Ways of taking care of the environment in my region.
  3. How could people have better manners at public transport?
  4. A good option to buying a dog: adoption.
  5. How to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere: local measurements with global consequences.
  6. Trips

    Where to go on vacation? There are many possible destinations but only a few of them will touch you. Can you provide some advice in this regard? If you love travelling and visiting new places, this is the right topic for you.

  7. Where to go on summer holidays and why?
  8. Destinations you may think twice before visiting.
  9. Why is Australia such an amazing country to visit?
  10. Another way of travelling: try out a cruise.
  11. The most common mistakes travellers make.
  12. Internet & technology

    Are you and Internet guru? If you you love technology, you may prefer to write about this trending topic. A lot of people will thank you for showing them how to make the best out of their devices.

  13. How to make a good use of the Internet.
  14. What you should know about social networks.
  15. Is it safe to share personal information in the Internet?
  16. Good habits every Internet user should know.
  17. Are there effective antiviruses for Smartphones?
  18. Miscellaneous

    Last but not least, if you are still unsure about what topic suits you more, here you have a short list with some headlines for your argumentative essay.

  19. The importance of speaking more languages nowadays.
  20. Why people are afraid of speaking in public and how to deal with it.
  21. Reading is the best way of learning new awesome stuff.
  22. How to become a young successful entrepreneur.
  23. What is the best way of getting rid of old stuff?

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