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The Top 15 Essay Topics That Can Help You Impress The Teacher

So you have to write an essay? You’re probably thinking about all the different ways to get out of it or how to scam your best friend into writing it for you. No need to worry about any of that. With these fifteen great essay topics, you will be sure to impress your teacher, your classmates, and your parents.

  1. The first Presidential election. We all know how elections work nowadays. Bring back a little history and relive the founding of the nation with an essay that’s sure to impress.
  2. A celebrity. Famous people are the center of attention for a reason. Try to relate a celebrity to whatever subject you’re writing an essay for, and you’re sure to strike the interest of everyone around.
  3. Your pet. Writing a paper about your beloved pet can’t possibly go wrong. It’s unique, interesting, and a subject with which you’re very familiar.
  4. Thermonuclear physics. Sure, you might not know anything about this subject, but you can learn enough to write a paper about it. Imagine the look on your teacher’s face when he sees a title like that.
  5. Sports. In school, you always write about school-related things. This time, break the mold and talk about your favorite sports team or game.
  6. Writing papers. Write a paper about writing papers. It doesn’t get much better than that.
  7. Rare diseases. There isn’t anything more intriguing than a foreign or rare disease. Catch your teacher off guard with this subject, and learn something new in the process.
  8. A foreign country. If you’ve been out of the country lately, write about your travels. It’s a topic that most students won’t think of, and your teacher will love.
  9. Ice cream. If you have a favorite flavor of ice cream or favorite food, make it relatable to your class and then write about it. Everyone loves ice cream.
  10. Health and fitness. Your teacher will be impressed with your knowledge of things both in and outside the classroom.
  11. Hobbies. Your teacher likes getting to know more about you. Share your interests and hobbies.
  12. Inspirational character. Write about someone who inspires you.
  13. Favorite book. Show your wittier side by delving into one of your favorite novels. Teachers love to see that you read things outside of class.
  14. Your family. Your family is unique to you, so why not write about them?
  15. Anything unique. These topics might not seem normal for a high school class, but that’s the point. Do something different than your peers. If you want to stand out, be unique and write about things people want to read about.


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