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A Detailed Manual On How To Write An Essay About A Poem

Writing an essay is fun and interesting task as long as the subject is of your interest. It is an opportunity for the students to express their views and show their opinion to the audience about a given subject. For example, you have always wanted to highlight the importance of teaching good ethics as parents but you never got the chance to, you can write this in your essay. It will be easier because the subject is of your interest and you will already have certain data in your mind about it. Even if you have to research, you would love it because you are passionate about the subject. However, writing analysis essays can come in handy because you have to critically analyze the work of another author and then evaluate it.

If you are to write your essay about a poem, it would be tougher than completing an ordinary paper. Often the poems that your teachers assign you are by famous poets and widely read. It is tougher for you to point out weaknesses in such pieces. Even if you find one, you will be not sure whether to point it because you are not certain if this highly spoken of author can make such a mistake. It is important that when you have to write an analysis about any work, you stay completely objective and plan a gradual process.

Here is a detailed manual to help you complete your paper without trouble

  1. Read the poem
  2. To begin with, you would have to read the poem to get a sense of what it is actually about. Poems are a work of art and you may not get it right the first time you read it so you should read it several times

  3. Analyze the work carefully
  4. Carefully analyze the theme, tone, style, audience and the purpose of the work

  5. Take notes
  6. Take notes so that you can use them later while writing your paper

  7. Look for opinions of other critiques
  8. See how other authors and experts feel about this paper

  9. Compare your notes
  10. Compare your notes with the opinions that you have found and see where are you lacking

  11. Organize your ideas in a logical order
  12. Based on the type of paper you are to attempt, give a logical order to your ideas

  13. Write your paper


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