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Writing Basics: An Argumentative Essay Outline For The 7th Grade Level

The 7th grade level students often have trouble writing their argumentative essays because it’s hard for them to present an argument with the pros and cons of a discussed issue. However, students should also choose the side and write the paper as if they’re trying to persuade the readers to agree with that side. Therefore, you should employ your argumentative skills, along with your writing abilities.

It’s advisable to compose a paper outline before you start to work on the text. You should choose a topic, make a list of ideas, compose a thesis statement, and come up with supportive details. Usually, students choose the following organizational pattern:

  1. A title or main idea of the essay.
  2. The first paragraph: introduce your topic idea, describe different sides to the argument, compose a thesis statement, and write a transitional sentence.
  3. The second paragraph: provide the most important reason why the readers should agree with your point of view; support your statement with evidence.
  4. The third and fourth paragraphs: provide the second and third important reasons why others should support your thesis statement; support your claims with examples.
  5. The fifth paragraph: summarize your thoughts, restate the positon you support and the one you don’t, repeat the three reasons to agree with your position mentioned in the body paragraphs, and conclude why your main idea is correct.
  6. A list of resources you’re planning to use.

If you don’t have strong writing skills, you may look for sample argumentative essay outlines for the 7th grade students. Make sure you use high-quality documents. The best places to look for them include:

  • The school library.
  • Usually, school libraries select educational materials for students who want to improve their writing skills, such as argumentative essay writing manuals, samples of academic papers, and top-quality assignments written by former students. You can ask a librarian for help if needed.

  • The school writing center.
  • Academic writing centers provide guidelines on how to prepare different writing assignments. You can also visit a workshop devoted to composing an argumentative essay outline. Visit the center and ask an instructor about what other help resources you can benefit from.

  • A popular educational website.
  • It’s a good idea to get sample essay outline on the educational website. However, choose a popular website that is maintained by an educational institution or government agency and has a great deal of positive feedback. Ask your classmates what websites they use for educational purposes.

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