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A List Of The Most Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For 9th Grade

One of the most exciting forms of academic paper to write is a narrative essay. It allows students to take a look at themselves and things that they’re interested in, which they can then express in their work. As a result, choosing a topic to write about can be quite a personal thing.

What to write about in a narrative essay

Essentially, when choosing something to write about for a narrative essay, it is a good idea to think about interesting or exciting things that have happened to you in your life or, alternatively, to think about an imaginary concept that you would like to occur.

For example, you may wish to write about a specific day in your life that had some degree of importance to you or, alternatively, you could think about a hypothetical situation in which you may or may not find yourself in one day, and then you can write about this. In fact, the hypothetical situation can be so unlikely to occur that it will require you to use a great deal of imagination.

How to compose a narrative essay

When writing this style of academic paper will need to write an introduction that essentially informs the reader of what the rest of the paper will be about. As part of the introduction you may wish to further elaborate on the topic that you are discussing, if necessary. However, there is no need to include too much detail, as this is what the body section is for.

In the body section you will give further details about the topic, using descriptive language to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. Finally, you will need to write a conclusion, which helps to bring the paper together. The conclusion may include details about a range of topics, such as why you think you have the feelings that you have discussed.

If you are still stuck for any ideas about interesting topics to write about for your ninth-grade narrative essay paper then you may wish to read through some of the ideas that have been listed below.

  • The scariest moment of my life
  • My first day of high school
  • How I would change my school if I was the principal
  • My favourite viewpoint in the local area
  • My favourite means of transport
  • If I was a film star
  • If I could turn back time
  • If I owned a time machine
  • My proudest moment
  • My perfect holiday


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