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How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay About The Generation Gap: Step By Step Instructions

The primary motive of any cause and effect essay is to explain the reason of an event as in why it has occurred and what its after effects are. When you are supposed to write an essay on generation gap, first of all explain what generation gap is and discuss it in context of the audience who wants more information on the topic.

Check out the step by step guide for writing a generation gap essay-

  • Introduce the topic: You need to make a ground breaking start so that audience gets glued and read it further. A small story or a quotation is a good way to start the topic. Once you have introduced the topic- what exactly is generation gap, you should continue further to the next paragraph. Concentrate and prepare a list of questions you want to discus. State the reason of writing your.

  • Identify what causes generation gap? Discuss this topic and clarify the issues. Discuss all the possible reasons that cause generation gap. Furthermore, think for all possible ways that will remove the possible causes.

    • In the first paragraph, provide minute details to the reader throwing light on situations. Discuss issues like loss of privacy, individual freedom and the role of technological developments.

    • In the second paragraph, carry the discussion as how privacy and freedom are interlinked. Talk about how one generation is bound to change their demeanor when watched by the other generation.

    • In the third paragraph, talk about the short term and long term consequences of generation gap.
  • Prepare a list of all the effects caused due to generation gap and ask yourself a variety of questions like –

    • What are the special conditions that raise issue of generation gap?

    • Why any of these generations is not ready to compromise?

    • What happens after second generation comes into picture. Carefully choose all the relevant incidences and relate it with the future generations.

    • What will happen if first generation treats its previous generation with gratitude and respect?

    • What is the repercussion if younger generation treats the old generation with disrespect? Discuss the impacts.
    • Discuss at least three reasons that are usually seen as the primary cause of generation gap. Each paragraph should explicitly explain the cause and its effect.
  • Conclusion: Draw conclusions restating the causes, effects and its synthesis. Cite alternative explanation or a short commentary at the end. Sum up all your arguments and draw a conclusion as how any tense situation negatively affects us and how a positive ray of hope can make the environment lively when people of different generation lives together.


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