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How To Write An Interesting Discursive Essay On School Uniforms

Schools have for long been defined by the starch and regularity of their uniforms in almost equal measure as it is by its curriculum. In fact, there is enough debate on the necessity of uniform in school; thus it is easy to conjure discursive essay topics from this quotient.

Playing with colors

While writing the piece, you should first gather all the important information about the particular school and its uniform. Some schools keep the uniform in sync with the color of their school building; some base it on their motto, some just keep the trends simple, say, blue and black. Some like to play it bright.

History of uniforms

You should then get into the history of uniforms; and suggest how it was meant to instill discipline in kids. They had to usher a special meaning to school and studies and uniforms seemed a very natural answer to that. Also, the uniform gave the kids a status symbol; it clearly meant they studies and went to school; something not all the kids did at that time and period. It was a means of identity.

From there, you can create the argument whether uniforms is necessary or not. Now, logic says it does. Over the years, school kids have got enough liberty. Now, there is enough hullabaloo over homework; they even carry their mobile (although stealthily). Giving them freedom to wear anything will further open their minds to rebellion.

A strong point

There is another strong point in uniform’s favor. Students come from different backgrounds; some are richer than others. If they come to school wear what they wish, hey will begin splurging on clothes wearing flashy dresses. This will create anguish in the minds of those students who cannot afford such dress. Thereby, school will deviate from its actual aim, that of imparting education.

Contrastingly, you may argue that uniforms restrict schools into some sort of a caricature; a travesty. All the kids wearing the same colorful dresses seem more like a relic from an ancient time. It should not anyway matter what they era to school till the school focuses on education. Therefore, the argument against uniform is also quite strong.

Remain fair

You can thus shape your discursive essay on school uniforms and take it through different channels. You should not patronize nor take sides in a prejudicial way. Remember to be fair and transparent while asserting your suggestions.


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