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The Best Techniques To Enhance Your Essay Writing Skills

Some people are born with writing skills. They do not have to practice to complete their assignments. Still they need to research about the topic. It is not your fault if you are not good at writing. Some students have interest in writing and they start practicing it since their childhood. Do not worry if you lack such skills. Following are some guidelines that will enhance your essay writing skills.

You need to avoid the following to get a good writing piece

  • Avoid passive voice. Use active voice rather than using passive voice. Extra use of passive voice makes your writing difficult. For example, the doctor injected the baby is a simple sentence, but when you start your sentence with object like, Baby was injected by the doctor, it becomes complicated.
  • Avoid giving the dictionary-copied definitions.
  • Avoid going in details. Try to be precise, direct and simple as much as you can. You must have a strong hold on basic concepts of grammar. Moreover, your spellings should be correct. You could install spelling checker software.
  • Avoid using jargons. Not everyone is familiar with the terminologies you use.
  • Avoid using unnecessary adjectives. The use of Ly does not look good when the noun is enough to explain the meaning.
  • Avoid jumps. When you are going to edit your essay, see if there is connection between paras or you lack transitions.

Parts of an essay

  • An essay has an Introduction, a thesis statement, a body and conclusion. Every paragraph should have a main idea. Include headings and sub-headings in every paragraph. Last paragraph always has a summary or a conclusion. A good ending is required for the completion of essay.
  • Develop a habit of reading. Try to be creative. Write on your notebook whatever you find informative even a phrase or a metaphor. Writing ideas on a paper is always helpful.


  • Cut the chaff off when you are on the editing phase. Leave spaces when you are writing a rough draft, so that you could write in those spaces when you are editing your draft.

Develop interest in writing

  • Whenever you get free time, Grab your pen and start writing. Show your writing to your teacher or any advisor. The advisor can be your sister, your brother, teacher, or a friend.
  • Keep the writing purpose in mind. Your writing should always be according your readers. You should know what your reader requires.


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