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23 Intriguing Ideas For Good Exemplification Essay Topics

An exemplification essay is where you put the emphasis on an entity and analyze how it impacts or affects a section of society or even the whole world. For instance, you can create an exemplification piece about the overall impact of global warming.

Get well-read

You need to be well-read about the entity and accordingly dissect its relevance to the affected people or things. A poor artesian system may affect the water status of an entire village or even a group of villages.

Solution orientation

You should also present the solutions for the affected entities. What should they do to get over the crisis or get more motivated by the exemplification? Here, this takes an entirely new disposition and gains the trajectory to impress the readers.

You should utilize this resource to actually exemplify the stature and efficacy of the major proponent. You will of course require elegant research work for this. Meanwhile, here is a list of 23 intrusive exemplification essay topics –

  1. How did FDR’s New Deal help people get over The Great Depression?
  2. How did USA show the world the way to counter terrorism post 9/11?
  3. How did USA and USSR make a scapegoat of Vietnam in the eponymous war?
  4. How does mass media impact the general day to day activities of common people?
  5. How does the new education system motivate students?
  6. What are the main factors vitiating the world as of now?
  7. How is deforestation a global crisis?
  8. How can we contribute towards energy consciousness?
  9. How does the segregation of religion from legislation help matters?
  10. How does it help society more if you are best at your work than if you are a philanthropist?
  11. How can the legalization of euthanasia put patients’ relatives in command of situation?
  12. How does cocaine smuggling more pressure on immigrants?
  13. What are the pivotal factors behind the spread of racism?
  14. How do racy videos and item songs denigrate the position of women?
  15. What is the moral implication and patriotic fervor of the national flag?
  16. What is wrong with teen pregnancy at the base?
  17. How does the national anthem motivate you?
  18. How do contact sports make you more aggressive?
  19. Why should there be separate and logical regulations on gun control
  20. Why should online education be given more than it currently reserves?
  21. How does working in a red room keep you more intense?
  22. A favorite cartoon character which energizes you to the hilt?
  23. Why should law make an example of serial rapists?


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