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Creating An Opinion Essay - Rules To Follow

Writing this type of paper requires the knowledge of both sides of the coin. The name of the paper explains what you are getting a crossed to the reader. You are making the strongest argument for your point of view on the matter. The best way to approach the paper is to be confident on the way you defend your side. This article will explain the rules to follow when creating an opinion essay.

  1. Choose a topic that you feel strongly about. Be sure that you have access to enough information to defend your side. You will need the motivation to research the other side as well. Preparation is a must with this style of paper. You are not dealing with a lot of facts in this work. Knowing the way the reader will approach your defense will give you momentum.
  2. Research your point of view until you are comfortable with the stand you have made on the paper. This will show the time and effort you put into the paper. The stronger the defense the least amount of ways to tear hole in it. Remember that control means a lot in how you present the paper.
  3. Practice answering the audience’s questions that they may ask. This is where being familiar with both sides will have its advantages. You must play devil’s advocate to a certain extent. Write down questions you think of that can pull down your paper. Stand in the mirror and answer them the best way you can. This will give you the confidence you need in your knowledge of your topic.
  4. The second type of questioning is the most strategic of the two. Put together a set of questions that you will ask the audience. These questions should only be answered by using your point of view. This will make the audience see your side as the way to look at it.
  5. Do not forget that the audience are well-educated and informed people. They have heard and seen it all. You must take the time to practice your presentation. There are little things that they will pick up on. Your facial expressions can reveal how you feel about what you are doing. Your tone of voice should be one of a confident person. Be sure that you have fun. This will rub off on the audience.


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