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A List Of Powerful Descriptive Essay Topics For College Students

A descriptive essay is meant to provide an accurate description of a place, subject or idea. Even if it appears to be simple, the truth is that it can be difficult to find a topic that is worth exploring. In the end, you need to write a few pages about one single idea. Therefore, the subject must be indeed permissible. If you have a lot of available information, half of the work is already done. When you don’t know what topic to choose, it’s the best to spend some time searching instead of picking something ordinary and boring. Here are some examples:

  • A symbol of your city. Here you can talk about a building, about a person, tradition or behavior. It is entirely up to you to find the element that is representative and interesting. Make sure that you mention why this place or tradition became a symbol.
  • A career. This will give you the opportunity to explore your future career. If, for example, you want to be a doctor, you will write about medicine and what a doctor needs to do. The moral aspects of the job can represent a big part of your composition, as long as you write everything from a neutral point of view.
  • Your favorite cuisine. It is an easy, but interesting topic. Each person has a favorite type of food, and all your classmates will be interested to find out what food do you prefer. Of course, you can’t write simple sentences like “I like apples”. You have to introduce cultural elements that will help your colleagues understand different culinary habits.
  • A different culture. Choose something exotic that is not well known by other students. You will have all the attention, and you will enjoy making research. Mention specific habits, language, traditions and other similar elements.
  • Your role model. For sure you admire somebody, so let your colleagues know this person through your composition. You can describe them from many different perspectives and emphasize the reasons for which you admire this person. You are free to talk about anyone: your parents, a public person or an ancient poet.
  • Describe your dream vacation. Even if you want to lie on the sand or to climb mountains, you can talk about fantastic places that you want to visit. Ask your classmates what are their favorite places.


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