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Selecting Good Expository Essay Topics: Tips And Ideas

Expository essays are one of four types of academic writing assignments you will face during the course of your schooling. Understanding how to select good expository essay topics starts with knowing the purpose of the writing.

This is a form of writing which clarifies or explains a subject. The final piece should explain to the reader a process, analyze and compare items, define or describe a relationship, all based on examples and evidence. By explaining to the reader how to complete a process, you can demonstrate to them your knowledge of that topic in an objective and unbiased manner. Your goal here is to present details that are supported by facts. Remember that you want to convey to the reader this information and best explain your ideas.

The list below contains some examples of potential topic ideas. However, it is best to remember that these ideas are meant only as a guide and they should not be considered as they are, unless they fit within the parameters of your project. Always get approval by your teacher for your topic before you start writing:

  • Explain 2 different interpretations for the idea of “green marketing”
  • Explain what makes Gatsby “great” in the novel The Great Gatsby.
  • Explain the difference between right and wrong as explained by Plato
  • Write about how John D. Rockefeller was able to amass his fortune during the growth of the railroads and oil industries and how the methods he used are all considered illegal today
  • Write about what major fashion changes took place during the 1920’s in America and not just what those changes were but how they have taken place throughout that time period and since then developed the idea of the “Flapper Girl”.
  • Write about the way that corporations in America used the media between 1900 and 1940 to reach their goals. Give actual examples
  • Write about how policing during the beginning of the 21st century changed because of the challenges it faced and why.
  • Write about different political, moral, ethical, or personal ideologies that a person can have and to what extent those ideologies are used and abused by political parties to gain votes.
  • Explain to the reader the theory of dreams as explained by Freud.
  • Explain to the reader how the novel 1984 served as a novel against Utopia
  • Explore different morals and what creates them

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