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Exploratory Essay Topics: 20 Good Suggestions To Consider

Exploratory essay topics need to be broad enough to cover the whole word count but also narrow enough to keep focus. Sometimes, finding topics that cover both of these prerequisites can be tough. Luckily, 20 of the best suggestions for such essays are listed below. The first 10 are slightly more complicated and have an extra explanation. The second 10 are slightly less complicated.

  1. Divorce always has a negative effect on children.
  2. Is it divorce that hurts children or parents’ behaviour during divorce?

  3. Is our race determined by genetics or culture?
  4. What do we mean when we say the word ‘race’? Is it about our genes or our upbringing?

  5. What does it mean to love?
  6. Does love belong to a man and a woman? Between family members? Between people and pets?

  7. Being an only child is never a good thing.
  8. What are the benefits of being an only child? What are the drawbacks?

  9. Should children (under-18s) be allowed to have children?
  10. Does it hurt children when they have young parents?

  11. America is the land of the free.
  12. If you can get spied on by your government, but jailed for spying on the government in turn, are you actually free?

  13. Democracy is better than dictatorship.
  14. Is democracy perfect? What could potentially be better when a dictator rules a country?

  15. Children under 16 should not be allowed on social media.
  16. Social media can have a really awful effect on people, and children are very impressionable. Should we stop them using Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

  17. Does gender equality empower the family unit?
  18. If children can see their mum and dad as equal, does it empower the family unit or undermine it?

  19. Having your own children is better than adopting.
  20. If you have a choice, is it better to choose to have your own child or to save someone else’s child?

  21. Religion has a positive effect on families

  22. Gay couples should be able to adopt children

  23. Should marriage be just between two people?

  24. What does ‘family’ mean?

  25. Arranged marriages do not hurt anyone.

  26. A man should be the main pursuer in a relationship, not a woman.

  27. Should we restrict marriage to 21+-year-olds?

  28. Should we ban marriage?

  29. Should we be able to clone humans?

  30. Should we send people who abuse animals to prison?


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