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A List Of Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics On Video Games

There are many points debated for and against the use of video games ranging from the very biased of the fanatics to the ones delivering undeniable evidence. Listed below are some of the most controversial arguments derived from these discussions.

  1. Negative influence.
  2. Many people believe that video games, especially the more recent ones, contain too much violence and inappropriate themes that influence the younger participants. They also believe that the amount of time spent playing can causes negative changes in the character of the young. Just as movies are rated, games too are rated for different ages or maturity levels. Are these ratings being considered when purchasing the products?

  3. Waste of time.
  4. Past generations had duties quite different from modern society and this change brings people to think that there are other more important things to do with life than staring at a screen. Some argue that time spent in front a television or PC could have been used to further pursue academics or a career.

  5. Informative.
  6. Some argue that not all experiences portray or suggest ill social behaviors or present grim situations that influence players. They also state that the content of some titles brings historical, educational and moral information to the player.

  7. Alternate form of media.
  8. There are some that argue the point that watching TV or spending time on social sites also expose persons to the same type of data and influence as video games. If people were to schedule gaming appropriately, such problems would cease.

  9. Is it a positive form of recreation?
  10. There are people who prefer to engage in more physical activities than electronic devices have to offer. They relate to the findings of medical research where physical activity is important and the lack thereof negatively affects the health of the individual.

  11. The economic platform that virtual reality presents.
  12. The percentage of people on the planet that participate in games, whether few or many, has contributed substantially to the corporate arena. The alteration of laws prohibiting certain countries from being part of the gaming world is one such example that opened opportunities for employment.

  13. Certain virtual software can boost coordination and focus.
  14. There are schools where, at the primary level, they allow students to use computers to as a method of exposing them to this age of software and user interfaces. Games provide the sequences that attracts most children therefore, promoting interest and retention of the actual PC and software environments.


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