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Top 24 Interesting Classification Essay Topics for College Students

Course instructors often assign their students to write classification essays. A classification essay is an academic paper about a particular subject, in which a student organizes things into categories. They put things into groups according to their characteristics. But before doing any kind of work, it’s better to find out some principles that can simplify the process.

Recommendations for Writing Classification Essays

Here are some useful tips that can make the writing easier and quicker.

  • Select a great topic.
  • A lot of the success of your paperwork depends on the topic you’ve chosen. It should be interesting or challenging, and capture the reader’s attention. So before writing the paper, try to find a great topic so that the reader, when looking at the title, would want to find out more about your paper.

  • Determine the categories.
  • After you have chosen the topic of your writing, the next step is to determine the categories you are going to work with. This is a key step, which helps to sort the objects that fit into the categories and classify them in a logical way.

  • Use a single organizing principle.
  • Make sure that all of the categories you’ve chosen correspond to a single organizing principle. It means that the things should be sorted into certain groups.

  • Enrich each category with examples.
  • Give some examples that explain each category. The number of examples should be the same as the number of categories. To save time, leave the most important category for the last, because it may take a lot of your time.

The List of Interesting Classification Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Principles of effective communication.
  2. Various ways to spend a lunch break.
  3. Types of motivation in education.
  4. The importance of hobbies.
  5. Part-time jobs for students.
  6. Test-taking behaviors.
  7. Extracurricular activities at university.
  8. Fascinating ways to spend your vacation.
  9. The benefits of traveling.
  10. Top online educational resources.
  11. Famous dance styles in the world.
  12. What is it like to be a shopaholic?
  13. Saving money recommendations.
  14. Etiquette and good manners.
  15. The power of social networking.
  16. Stress-management techniques.
  17. How to give an excellent compliment.
  18. World religions.
  19. National stereotypes around the world.
  20. Ways of protecting the environment.
  21. Taking lecture and class notes.
  22. Being a sports fan.
  23. Greatest video games ever made.
  24. Food around the world.


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