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Writing About Pure Love: How To Make Your 3-Paragraph Paper Shine

Whether you’ve been assigned to write an essay on the topic of pure love, or you’ve chosen the topic, it’s a good subject to write about. There is so much previously written on the topic that the research will not be difficult to conduct if that is the angle you are writing from and if you are writing it from your personal viewpoint it doesn’t need to be that difficult either.

Following is a detailed list that will help you construct your essay on the subject of pure love.

  • First you need to decide which angle you want to come at the subject from. Do you want to write about it from a philosophical point of view, a historical one or a personal one? There are many different angles, and you need to be clear on which one you are using so your paper is written with clarity.
  • Always begin by stating your idea. Whether it’s an idea previously written on that you are exploring, or one that you have contrived yourself, use the first paragraph to state it clearly and succinctly, so the reader has a very clear idea of where you are going with it and what they can expect.
  • The next paragraph is where you back your theory up, either with research or with your own thoughts on the subject that support it. This paragraph is meant to bring the reader around to your point of view and lend understanding to the theory you stated previously.
  • In your final paragraph, you should have one sentence that repeats the theory, another couple of sentences that assimilate all the backing for it and then carefully write out your conclusion. Your conclusion shouldn’t be rambling, but should instead bring all the parts of the paper together in a way that makes the reader feel it has been explained thoroughly. Don’t leave any open ends, but make sure your idea has reached its ending correctly. Mypaperwriter can help you with it, if you decide to get professional help.

A paper written with only three paragraphs doesn’t leave a lot of room to express yourself in a flowery manner. Writing your 3-paragraph essay on pure love in this method will ensure that the reader has been given a well-thought out and succinctly written theory from beginning to end. It will help their thoughts not to have wandered down other paths during the reading of it, and will hopefully encourage them to give some consideration towards your particular point of view.


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