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Most people who hear the word "Theology" immediately think of a religious discussion that is incomprehensible, dry, or completely irrelevant to their daily life. Or it may be considered that "theology" is referring to doctrines of Christianity and only what they believe. While many of these teachings may be important, most people don't see how there is a connection between them and daily life.

Truthfully, theology is important to our daily lives. Believe it or not, all of us are theologians. Our framework by which we live is encompassed in theology. Sometimes what we live by isn't really cohesive with the doctrines we were raised on. Then there are other times when even the truth isn't reflected and things need to be re-examined.

Understanding Theology

Theology is quite simply, a journey in understanding character and the purposes of God through his son, Jesus Christ as he revealed it to the world. Many people today misconstrue what their working theology is. Changes must be made because their own character and daily life activities do not mesh with God's true character. The majority of the time they are unaware and think it is something they don't have an interest in. In actually they need to make changes in the path they follow.

One should consider their own theology and review the things that give them the most motivation. They should give thought to how they handle a crisis situation. Large and small issues alike should be considered. People are often trapped by fears that they allow to fill the gaps of their relationship with god. Fear or a distorted view isn't required by the situation most of the time.

Theology Helps Daily Struggles

In times of struggle, most people make assumptions about God. They sit back and wonder if he is really their and cares about them. They wonder if God is happy with them and if he is up to anything in their lives. They question of God is really present in their lives. These types of questions are theological questions. They revolve around what we assume and fear God really is. Theology lies at the very heart of daily Christian life. Theology deals with the very nature of God and answers many of the questions most of us have.

Everyone should care about theology. Only when a true grasp of character that is developed through intimate knowledge can we cut through anxiety and fear to find the pathway to a more secure foundation for our life. The quest to answer the question of who God is plants seeds of faith and allows us to strengthen our own theology.


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