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How To Write An Effective Essay: A Brief Introduction For Newbies

Writing is an essay is one of the first tasks that presents itself before us when we start delving into creative writing. Since first timers would be more used to writing short sentences and paragraphs, they might find the subject difficult to deal with at first. But only with time, we realize that descriptive writing is a different art form altogether. Through an essay, we may tell a story, advocate a cause, and attempt to solve a problem or even develop a cause-effect relation between events.

Start with what you know

You must make a conscious attempt to start the writing in your own cognitive sphere. This is also what most people that are into the subject will tell you. In the initial stages of writing, you should not worry about the creativity quotient of the writing as much.

It is important to supply correct information in the writing. Only when you are sure about that, can you exercise the liberty to inject creativity. Be careful of using fluffy sentences that do not carry notable information.

Mind the construction of sentences

Another important thing that you will need to sort out in the early stages of writing is the construction of the sentences. Newbie writers should make the sentences as short as possible. This not only helps in the avoidance of grammatical discrepancies, but also enables sentences more meaningful.

Here are three straight benefits of using short sentences:

  • Readers move through the essay quicker
  • Grammatical errors are minimized
  • Revision time is reduced

Revise the writing well

In descriptive writing, it is pivotal to revise the college assignment before it is presented. Revision is necessary to eliminate residual errors from the writing and make the writing more presentable. While revising the writing, you should see if:

  • There are any errors in the writing
  • All loose ends are tied in the end
  • Any sequential lapse exists in the essay

When the revision is done, it is advisable to present the essay to some senior that has prior experience in essay writing. The person shall be able to identify structural and thematic faults within the paper. Moreover, if there are any grammatical flaws in the writing, that will be rectified as well.

I order to make the writing more lucid and structured, one should also pay attention to the theme of the writing. The closer you are the theme of the subject, the better paper you will compose.

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