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Academic Writing Solutions: A 4-Paragraph Persuasive Essay Outline

Persuasive essays have the granules in them to give enough impetus to students. Yet, the topics may be too cumbersome or too frivolous. Students make the elementary mistake of either stretching the essay beyond redemption or keeping it too short for elaboration.

The streamlining process

The best way is to accord certain shape and structure to the persuasive essay. For instance, if you limit it to 4 paragraphs; you cannot go much wrong in the streamlining process. There is a systematic way to shape the piece. Here it goes –

The Introduction

The first paragraph will obviously be an introduction, replete with writing prompt and a thesis statement. You will have to address the general designs of the topic and where you wish to take the premises forward.

The positive side…

The second paragraph will focus on the positives of the topic; it will also generally denote the side you will take. You should support it with logic and facts. You may also offer definitive analogies to make the perspective more compact. Remember to keep the paragraph not more than one and a half times the Introduction.

…And the negative

The third paragraph of the essay will show your impassioned trait. You need to fairly and objectively place the negatives of the side you are taking. Nothing is perfect and any argument has two sides; even if one side seems more gravitational than the other. You should place the facts in a stolid framework so that readers can make their own enquiry and thus decision.

Concluding paragraph

The fourth and last paragraph will venture to create a balance of the 2nd and 3rd paragraph. It will determine your side of the argument and the reason why you go for the motion. If you contemplate good writing, you can even endeavor to provide feasible solutions through its regimes.

The riding class

The class of persuasive essay is that it keeps readers interested with enough scope for conflict. Yet, you should resoundingly present your version and try to win buyers through smooth writing style and potent logic.

Grounding is essential

It is necessary to gain much information about the essay topic so that you can reflect on the innards and external limbs. Only then will your writing come across as authoritative and your arguments will your logics seem suggestive.

  • Don’t pick a topic about which you have only a token knowledge.
  • Don’t write purely on the basis of your acquired knowledge. Do diligent research to gather more tidbits about the same.


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