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How To Write An Argumentative Essay Properly: 4 Great Techniques

Argumentative essays are fun assignments that you can ace with a little bit of planning and work. Here are 4 techniques of planning and writing that can help you write a creative and outstanding argumentative essay.

  1. You need a great Topic
  2. For a successful essay you will need a great topic. For this, you should start thinking about various issues. Think of the pros and cons of each. The topic can relate to anything from science to something in your personal life or current affairs. Soon you will have a long list of issues that you think you can write about.

    Now start thinking critically about which of those issues you can argue for and against. Your arguments in favor of or against need to be based on logical grounds and should be backed up with evidence. This will help you narrow down from many topics to your favorite one.

  3. Planning and Research
  4. Once you have decided on a topic, you should start to make a plan for your writing. This can be in the form of an outline. Research your topic and start gathering evidence about it. Make sure that you find information both for and against the topic as this is an integral part of argumentative writing. In your outline, write down sub topics or points for both sides of the argument. Decide on how you will introduce the issue and make it sound interesting and worth thinking about.

  5. The Introduction
  6. This is probably the most critical part of the essay. It is human nature to make your mind up about something very quickly. Your introductory paragraph is the part that any reader will read first and it needs to create interest in their mind. In the first paragraph, introduce the topic, give it a backdrop and establish your thesis statement. In an argumentative essay, this is particularly fun because your thesis statement is basically you taking a position on a polarizing issue.

  7. The Body and Conclusion
  8. You will make all your arguments in the main part of the essay, which is called the body. Make sure you address both sides of the argument. Take a logical approach to this and state the two positions one by one. It is always better to present the other side of the argument and then follow that by your own. Present evidence in support of your arguments and write the conclusion while presenting your point of view as the best and most logical.

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