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How To Compose An Outline For An Essay – Advice For Students

Composing an outline for an essay does not have to be that difficult. The main parts aren’t too hard to remember and here we have done the research to find out what the components are that will make a great outline for your paper.

The three main parts of an outline:

  1. The introduction
  2. The body
  3. The conclusion

Composing a great outline for your paper

Now that we understand the three main parts, it’s time to discuss what goes into making a quality outline that you can then follow to compose a fantastic thesis.

  • Make sure that you have done the homework and have chosen a good topic to write your essay on so you can state your argument clearly and with passion.
  • Be clear when writing your dissertation introduction and do not be vague or indecisive.
  • Don’t skip from one point to another and then back again. You should always state complete ideas. A rambling essay will not make a good impression.
  • Organise your ideas into proper order and be sure that one idea flows seamlessly into the other without confusion.
  • If you write your main idea (the body) first, in point form, this will aid you in writing a better introduction and closing later on.
  • Using bullet points, or numeric points, will make your ideas more comprehensible to yourself and, consequently, to the reader.
  • Your closing statement should be decisive and impassioned. Do the research throughout the term and don’t allow yourself to get sloppy. It is very likely that the closing is what will stick in the reader’s mind in the end.
  • If necessary, ask a freelance writer to look over, and if necessary, edit your outline. The outline is the starting point of a well-written essay.
  • Use points and sub-points to present your ideas in a clear fashion.
  • Take your time throughout the term to make sure your outline has been composed in the correct manner. If you have not done the homework to make your outline a good one, your entire dissertation will suffer.
  • A good outline can start with a broad statement, but should always be backed up by a main goal, or goals and supporting materials that corroborate your declaration and ideas.

Do not feel bad to enlist the help of a freelance writer to make your outline a better one. The ultimate result of having written a thesis of excellent quality will take you much further in the end than poorly researched and executed material.


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