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List Of Unique Persuasive Essay Topics In Nursing

A persuasive essay is nothing more than trying to convince the reader about everything that you are working on. With this kind of essay there is a lot that is expected of you in as far as sharing your ideas and discussing the major points are concerned. The concept of this paper, just as the name sounds is to convince the reader to see things in a different way, to see things according to your perspective. It is all about persuasion.

Going by the concept of persuasion, you cannot expect that you will wake up, tell someone something and they believe you. No, that is not how persuasion works. Persuasion calls for patience. You need to break down things slowly one step at a time until the reader is eventually awed by your ideas to the point where they cannot help but believe everything you say. You need to take them step by step, explaining things to them in a way such that you tackle any concerns that they have, doubts and set the record straight.

At the same time, in as much as you are focusing on persuasion, you must also realize that you need to emphasize your arguments with facts. Without facts there is no way you can be able to get the reader to see things from your perspective. That being said, the following are some of the simplest topics that you can use for this paper:

  • Discuss how you can discipline or help nurses who have been found to divert drugs from the medical facility
  • Discuss how you can teach patients to use the PG survey so that they can share their ideas and get help from the administration of the hospital
  • From experience as a nurse, explain how families of patients can show more support to their loved ones, and in the process make their visitation a means to faster recovery
  • Discuss the concept of pet therapy, and stress with relevant examples and evidence why medical institutions need to focus on this practice
  • What is your view on the plight of BSN nurses? Do you think the public needs to add their voice on the plight of these nurses so that they get more public approval?

These topics are just but the easier start that you might be looking for. The hard part however, lies in doing research and writing a convincing paper.

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