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Good Ways To Start A Descriptive Essay: 5 Best Suggestions

Get all the things ready before you start

A descriptive essay is similar yet unique in its own way. You need to describe something, so it is simple. However, to make your essay interesting and appealing to the reader, you need to involve the reader. The reader should be able to relate to what you are writing. You need to engage all the senses of the reader, so that can see, hear, smell and touch your words. To make this possible you need to do some research and work before you start.

  • Choose a good topic that you can write on with confidence.
  • Do a bit of research on the topic. Make sure all the things you are writing is correct.
  • Find good details to support what you are going to write. Never include irrelevant or contradictory details and examples.
  • Know the format that you should follow.

After you have been through these steps, you can start writing your very own descriptive essay.

The first impression is the last impression

It is very important how you start your essay. If the reader does not feel interested after reading the beginning, then they might decide against reading the rest of the work. So you need to establish your story in the first paragraph only. You also need to let the reader know how you are going to describe the topic. Will it be based on your imagination, something fictional or will be an experience, facts only.

You can write a descriptive essay on many things

  • People
  • Places
  • Things
  • Memories
  • Dreams
  • Experiences

What category you choose will help you decide how you should begin.

Tips on how to begin your essay

These tips are guidelines only. You can take hints from them and add your own unique touch to make it better.

  • Start with a question. Ask the reader a question, rhetorical if possible, the answer of which will help the reader relate to your topic.
  • Start by making a comment. For example, you can write “nothing can be better than a sunny day” or “the carnival looked as lively as ever”.
  • Start with a statement that shows your views or ideas about the topic you have chosen.
  • Start with a superlative word, like better, worse etc. it helps the reader relate.
  • Involve all the senses by the end of the first paragraph.


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